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Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

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Nita Bharti

Assistant Professor and Lloyd Huck Early Career Professor, Biology
Top research keywords: Measles, Niger, Disease Outbreaks, Epidemics, Population Density

Matthew Ferrari

Professor, Biology
Top research keywords: Measles, Disease Outbreaks, Vaccination, Epidemics, Vaccination Coverage

Corey Griffin

Professor, Penn State Altoona
Top research keywords: Office Buildings, Timber, Zero Energy Buildings, Daylighting, Green Building

Nate Brown

Professor, Mathematics
Top research keywords: C*-algebra, Algebra, Unital, Discrete Group, Crossed Product

Elsa Sanchez

Professor, Plant Science
Top research keywords: Cultivars, Muskmelons, Students, Bacterial Wilt, Winter Squashes

Gregory Kelly

Associate Dean, College of Education
Top research keywords: Discourse, Classroom, Student, Engineering, Science Education

Amanda Johnsen

Assistant Professor, Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist Department of Nuclear Engineering
Top research keywords: Neutron Activation Analysis, Irradiation, Trace Elements, Gas Cooled Fast Reactors, Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Suresh Kuchipudi

Clinical Professor, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Top research keywords: Orthomyxoviridae, Chickens, Influenza In Birds, Poultry, Genome

Cheryl Thompson

Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences
Top research keywords: Breast Neoplasms, Colonic Neoplasms, Adenoma, Neoplasms, Melanoma

Francesco Di Gioia

Assistant Professor, Plant Science
Top research keywords: Disinfestation, Tomatoes, Microgreens, Fresh Market, Soil

Robert D. Berghage

Associate Professor, Plant Science
Top research keywords: Roofs, Roof, Green Roofs, Stormwater, Runoff

Andrew Read

Evan Pugh Professor of Biology and Entomology, Eberly Professor of Biotechnology, Biology
Top research keywords: Malaria, Parasites, Parasite, Plasmodium Chabaudi, Culicidae

Ross Pifer

Clinical Professor, Penn State Law (University Park)
Top research keywords: Politics, Climate Change, University Teacher, Coal-fired Power Plant, Environmental Policy

Jamison Colburn

Professor, Penn State Law (University Park)
Top research keywords: Environmental Policy Act, Climate Change, Politics, Habitat, Legal System

Esther Prins

Professor, Learning & Performance Systems
Top research keywords: Literacy, Adult Education, El Salvador, Participation, Discourse Analysis

Leland Glenna

Professor, Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education
Top research keywords: Farmer, Biotechnology, Sustainability, Agriculture, Food

Prem Kandel

Postdoctoral Scholar Hockett Lab

Hannah Wiseman

Professor in Law Faculty, Penn State Law (University Park)
Top research keywords: Energy, Federalism, Governance, Regulation, Oil Spill

Daniel E. Walters

Assistant Professor, Penn State Law (University Park)
Top research keywords: Administrative Law, Doctrine, Market Reaction, Transnational Law, Supreme Court

Chiamaka Anyanwu

Ph.D. Student

Dani Buffa

Ph.D. Student

Ebony Creswell

Ph.D. Student

Abiola Ibirogba

Ph.D. Student

Emily Southard

PhD Candidate, Rural Sociology & Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Top research keywords: Food-systems, Climate change, International development, Women's empowerment, agriculture

Robert Beelman

Professor Emeritus of Food Science; Director, Center for Plant and Mushroom Foods for Health
Top research keywords: Nutritional and medicinal properties of mushrooms, Antioxidants-selenium and ergothioneine, Vitamin D-enrichment of mushrooms

Dylan Davis

Ph.D. Student

Jeffrey M. Erickson

Professor of Clinical Law, Penn State Law (University Park)

Kirk French

Teaching Professor of Anthropology

James Houck

Interim Dean and Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Penn State Law (University Park)
Top research keywords: Marine Policy, National Security, Sea, Navy, Piracy

Lorraine Jones

Research Assistant, EnvironMentors

Gopakumar Kaladharan

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Praharsh Patel

Student Water Council Member

Clare Randolph

Ph.D. Student