Penn State Energy and Environment News

Thunderquakes map the subsurface


Researchers have figured out how rumbling thunder turns to seismic waves and how this shaking could be used to reveal subsurface geology.

Symposium to focus on forging new partnerships in climate research, solutions


The Penn State Climate Consortium will host a two-day symposium on May 14-15, 2024, to build partnerships in climate research and solutions.

Online Faculty Development to offer new course on open educational resources


A new professional development course will help online instructors incorporate free or low-cost learning, teaching and research materials into their curricula.

Atherton Teaching Award: Peter Heaney inspires students in the geosciences


Penn State Professor of Geosciences Peter Heaney's incorporation of hands-on exercises and visualizations, class debates and encouragement of questions in a variety of courses earned him the 2023 George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching earlier this year. The 2024 awards will be announced in April 2024; nominations are accepted year-round.

Transforming coal mine waste


Penn State’s Center for Critical Minerals is working to salvage rare earth elements from coal waste, creating a new sustainable supply chain while rehabilitating the environment across Pennsylvania.

NOAA announces $7.2 million to better predict severe weather


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will spend $7.2 million to better predict extreme weather events and the cause and effect of climate change. This article mentions Penn State. 

Penn State partners on NSF grant to improve 5G networks


Penn State will partner with several universities on a $5 million National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator grant to advance the security of 5G technologies and communications systems used by the Department of Defense. 

Fetter named director of the Center for Ag Conservation Assistance Training


Jennifer Fetter, Penn State Extension water resources program leader, has been named director of the Center for Agricultural Conservation Assistance Training. Fetter has served as the center’s interim director since it was launched earlier this year.

Peeples named dean of Penn State’s College of Engineering


Tonya L. Peeples has been named the permanent Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

'Growing Impact' podcast explores mitigating the climate impact of contrails


The latest episode of "Growing Impact" features a team of researchers that is exploring how to mitigate aviation’s climate impacts, specifically the warming effect created by contrails.

Growing Impact: Contrails and climate change

| Featuring Sven Schmitz, Andrew Carleton, Burcu Ozden, Guido Cervone

Contrails are the second largest contributor to aviation's impact on climate change after carbon dioxide emissions from fuel burn. A new interdisciplinary project looks to identify opportunities to mitigate the climate impacts of contrails as the number of people flying looks to grow in the coming years.

A solar cell with unprecedented power conversion efficiency


In this edition of Science Notebook, a look at the new design of the perovskite solar cell and its unprecedented power conversion efficiency, the inadequacy of countries’ climate action plans, and making glass making greener. This article quotes John Mauro, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.