Office & Mailing Address

Institute of Energy and the Environment
Land and Water Research Building
University Park, PA 16802


IEE Facilities

IEE oversees two facilities on the Penn State University Park campus. Each facility hosts a variety of interdisciplinary energy and environmental research and education programs.

The Land and Water Research Building

Land & Water Research Building

Built in 1972, the Land and Water Research Building is home to the Institute of Energy and the Environment (IEE), Penn State Sustainability, and Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA). IEE's staff provides support for Penn State faculty and researchers working on projects related to energy and the environment. The building houses office space, as well as the Radiocarbon Laboratory.

Energy and Environment Labroratory at Penn State

Energy & the Environment Laboratory

Built in 1969, the Energy and the Environment Laboratory houses interdisciplinary laboratories focused primarily on energy and environmental research, such as the Battery and Energy Storage Technology Center and the Environmental Contaminants Analytical Laboratory. The building also includes office space for researchers and scientists and a classroom auditorium.