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Professor, Division of Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences & Technology (Altoona)
Top Research Keywords:
Engineering Technology, Students, Education, Voltage, MOSFET
Senior Research Associate, Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute
Top Research Keywords:
Hybrid Vehicles, Lithium-ion Batteries, Electric Motors, Literature Review, Dynamic Control
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Combustors, Flames, Soot, Flame, Nozzles
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Lead Zirconate Titanate, Ceramic, Ferroelectric Materials, Ceramics, Piezoelectric Ceramics
Evan Pugh University Professor, Geosciences
Top Research Keywords:
Ice, Ice Stream, Ice Sheet, Antarctica, Ice Core
Assistant Professor, John and Willie Leone Department of Energy & Mineral Engineering (EME)
Top Research Keywords:
Algae, Wastewater, Digestion, Alga, Nitrogen Removal
Department Head and Professor, Statistics
Top Research Keywords:
Spatial Data, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Model Calibration, Climate, Model
Professor, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Top Research Keywords:
Climate, Climate Modeling, Climate Change, Ocean, Regional Climate
Professor, Geosciences
Top Research Keywords:
Climate, Meridional Circulation, Sea Level Rise, Ice Sheet, Sea Level