Together, We Are Finding Solutions

More than any other academic institution, Penn State has the breadth and depth of expertise neces­sary to create comprehensive and sustainable solutions for our planet.

However, we can do more with your help. Visionary support from alumni and friends can fuel the development of existing and future IEE programs that will become models for how to approach complex global problems with inspired, interdisciplinary partnerships.

What Inspires You?

The Institute of Energy and the Environment collaborate and innovate in numerous areas that impact our world and our health, including climate, energy, and water.

By supporting IEE, you are investing in the land, air, and water around you. You are supporting cleaner, smarter, more affordable, and safe energy for everyone. In addition, you are supporting tomorrow's energy and environmental leaders, the undergraduate and graduate students who are studying and researching today to improve the future of our world.


ice on water

Managing the risks of anthropogenic climate change poses significant challenges now and into the future. Your support allows researchers to better understand, stop, and reverse climate change.


waterfalls at dusk

Water is essential to the health of people and communities, ecosystems, economies, and the security of nations. Your support allows further improvements to personal health, food production, manufacturing, and energy generation.


power lines at sunset

Energy consumption is growing. Support the Penn State researchers who are developing clean, safe, abundant, and affordable energy. Additionally, IEE researchers are advancing energy transitions, strengthening communities, and advancing literacy and leadership in energy.

Learn More

To learn more about these efforts and the ways in which your philanthropy can have an immediate impact today and leave a legacy for a better tomorrow, please contact:

Eric Reinhard
Director of Strategic Initiatives
University Development