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Anthony Foyle

Associate Professor, School of Science (Behrend)
Top research keywords: Lake Erie, Lakes, Sediments, Systems Tract, Coastal Zones

Lisa Emili

Associate Professor, Division of Mathematics & Natural Sciences (Altoona)
Top research keywords: Peatland, Peatlands, British Columbia, Groundwater Flow, Agricultural Modeling

Sharifa Crandall

Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology
Top research keywords: Blueberry Mosaic Associated Virus, Spore, Pseudoperonospora Humuli, Olpidium, Downy Mildew

William Walters

Associate Professor, Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist Department of Nuclear Engineering
Top research keywords: Spent Fuels, Control Rods, Fission, Reactor Cores, Detectors

Kathy Kelley

Professor, Plant Science
Top research keywords: Edible Flowers, Consumer Preferences, Wine, Purchasing, Gardeners

Cibin Raj

Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top research keywords: Soil And Water Assessment Tool Model, Soil And Water Assessment Tool, Watersheds, Watershed, Bioenergy

Steven Greybush

Associate Professor, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Top research keywords: Assimilation, Data Assimilation, Mars, Forecast, Kalman Filter

Xingchao Chen

Research Associate (Prior Rank), Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Top research keywords: Convection, Monsoons, Tropical Cyclone, Rainfall, Convective System

Rui Shi

Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Top research keywords: Jet Fuel, Jet, Life Cycle, Fuel, Feedstocks

David Toews

Assistant Professor, Biology
Top research keywords: Songbirds, Hybrid Zone, Setophaga, Genomics, Myrtus Communis

Abiola Ibirogba

Ph.D. Student

Clare Randolph

Ph.D. Student

William Brune

Distinguished Professor, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Top research keywords: Aerosol, Isoprene, Ozone, Oxidation, Aircraft