Climate change is a global issue with profound impacts on human health. Changes in temperature, extreme weather events, and shifts in air and water quality are just a few of the ways in which climate change affects the health of individuals and communities.

Climate solutions in health involve a range of strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change on human health, including measures to mitigate the causes of climate change and adaptations to reduce the risks of harm to vulnerable populations. These solutions include efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for extreme weather events, improve air and water quality, and promote health equity.

Breakout Session: Improving Health Outcomes in a Changing Climate

The goal of this session is to discuss current approaches, findings, and challenges in research on the health effects of climatic change around the world. Panelists and audience members will discuss recent advances in the data and methods being applied to this issue, new findings from their research, and current challenges for advancing the field. The session will also give attention to the ways that recent findings can inform health-protecting and -improving interventions in an era of climate change.

Room: 208

Session Time:  Monday, May 22, 11:00 am

Session Lead:  Brian Thiede