Arts & Communication

Arts and communication are important tools for raising awareness and driving action on climate change, providing opportunities for individuals and communities to engage with the issue and to inspire meaningful change. Solutions in this area include a range of creative and innovative strategies, such as visual and performance arts, storytelling, digital media, and social marketing campaigns.

About this graphic: Warming stripes graphic by climatologist Ed Hawkins. The progression from blue (cooler) to red (warmer) stripes portrays the long-term increase of average global temperature from 1850 (left side of graphic) to 2018 (right side of graphic). 

The Climate Canvas: Responding to a Global Crisis

The showcase features the research work of faculty and students in the Penn State College of Arts and Architecture. The works on display tackle a diverse set of issues related to climate change, including the impact of fracking and past coal mining on local communities and the environment, innovative approaches to building with sustainable materials such as fungi, the importance of advancing environmental justice and equitable solutions while building climate-resistant communities and ecosystems, and the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Room: 205

Session Time: Monday, May 22, 4:00 pm

Session Leads: Mallika Bose and Zsuzsanna Nagy

Attending Faculty: