Climate Security

Climate security has emerged as an important area of concern in the context of climate change, as it refers to the potential impacts of climate change on international security and stability.

Climate security solutions involve efforts to address the underlying drivers of conflict, promote resilience, and develop cooperative and collaborative approaches to managing the risks associated with climate change.

Panel: Back from the Edge: Opportunities for Sustainability to Impact Environmental Security

This panel will examine environmental security through multiple lenses to ascertain how different types of organizations—e.g., government, industry, financial, military—incorporate sustainability concepts into planning and execution. The panel will provide specific examples of how sustainability actions contribute to environmental security on the local, regional, and global levels, with impacts ranging from local species to national security. Join us for an engaging discussion on an aspect of national security that many academics—and tax-payers—may not know about but will find compelling.

Room: Presidents Hall

Session Times: Monday, May 22, 12:30 pm (Lunch)

Session Leads: Lisa Witzig and Meghan Hoskins