Affiliated Researchers: Mortality

Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

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Kim Steiner

Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top research keywords: Oak, Quercus, Seedling, Quercus Rubra, Acer Rubrum

Jesse Kreye

Assistant Research Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top research keywords: Fire Behavior, Flammability, Litter, Forest Litter, Fuels (fire Ecology)

Laura Leites

Associate Research Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top research keywords: Climate, Pseudotsuga Menziesii, Pinus Ponderosa, Provenance, Oak

Douglas A. Miller

Senior Scientist, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
Top research keywords: River Basin, Agricultural Watersheds, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Simulation

Erika Machtinger

Assistant Professor, Entomology
Top research keywords: Musca Domestica, Diptera, Spalangia Cameroni, Pteromalidae, Stomoxys Calcitrans

Duane Diefenbach

Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Top research keywords: Deer, Odocoileus Virginianus, Harvest, Lynx Rufus, Hunters

Omrana Pasha

Professor, Department of Medicine
Top research keywords: Pakistan, Income, Stillbirth, Parturition, Mothers

Anne Buchanan

Top research keywords: Mexican Americans, Genes, Population, Tooth, Multifactorial Inheritance

Matthew Ferrari

Professor, Biology
Top research keywords: Measles, Disease Outbreaks, Vaccination, Epidemics, Vaccination Coverage

Gretchen A. Kuldau

Associate Professor, Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology
Top research keywords: Fusarium, Corn, Mycotoxins, Zea Mays, Fusarium Verticillioides

Shantu Amin

Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Top research keywords: Epoxy Compounds, DNA Adducts, 5-methylchrysene, Adduct, Benzo(a)pyrene