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Professor, Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Scheduling, Costs, Supply Chains, Inspection, Alternative Fuels
Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering, Engineering Division (Great Valley)
Top Research Keywords:
Supply Chains, Decision Theory, Freight Transportation, Industry, Economics
Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top Research Keywords:
Harvest, Planning, Forest Management, Oak, Quercus
Distinguished Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Data Storage Equipment, Servers, Costs, Computer Hardware, Scheduling
Smeal Chair Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems
Top Research Keywords:
Remanufacturing, Supply Chains, Closed-loop Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Planning
Donald B. Broughton Professor, Chemical Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Metabolic, Escherichia Coli, Genome, Genomics, Fluxes