Affiliated Researchers: Gall

Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

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Andrew Deans

Professor, Entomology
Top research keywords: Hymenoptera, Wasps, Wasp, Evaniidae, Megaspilidae

John Tooker

Professor, Entomology
Top research keywords: Insect, Herbivores, Insecta, Neonicotinoid Pesticide, Gall

Herschel Elliott

Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top research keywords: Biosolids, Biosolid, Phosphorus, Soils, Manures

Tanya Furman

Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, The Pennsylvania State University
Top research keywords: Mantle, Basalt, Geochemistry, Volcano, Melting

Michael Mashtare

Assistant Professor in BioRenewable Systems, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top research keywords: Biosolid, Hormone, Biotransformation, Biosolids, Pandemics

Felipe Montes

Associate Research Professor, Plant Science
Top research keywords: Manure, Silage, Nitrous Oxide Production, Ammonia, Animal Manures

Paul Patterson

Professor, Animal Science
Top research keywords: Hens, Ammonia, Poultry, Laying Hens, Diet

Kathryn Brasier

Professor, Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education
Top research keywords: Farm, Farmer, Shale Gas, Agriculture, Shale

Joshua Robinson

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Top research keywords: Graphene, Transition Metals, Monolayers, Heterojunctions, Monolayer

Sanjib Sharma

Assistant Research Professor, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
Top research keywords: Forecast, Streamflow, Prediction, Suspended Sediments, Rivers