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Assistant Professor in Architectural Engineering, Architectural Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Light Sources, Color, Light Emitting Diodes, Lighting, Illuminating
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Top Research Keywords:
Hydrogels, Hydrogel, Emulsion, Actuation, Emulsions
Verne M. Willaman Dean, Eberly College of Science
Top Research Keywords:
Lizard, Lizards, Sceloporus Undulatus, Fire Ants, Ant
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Variable Message Signs, Visibility, Highway Systems, Traffic Signs, Travel Time
Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, College of Information Sciences and Technology
Top Research Keywords:
Image Retrieval, Semantics, Image Annotation, Painting, Histology
Professor, Plant Science
Top Research Keywords:
Ozone, Far-red Light, Watermelons, Tomatoes, Petioles
Professor, Engineering Science and Mechanics
Top Research Keywords:
Nanocrystals, Quantum Dots, Quantum Dot, Light Emitting Diodes, Microcavities
Department Head, Geography
Top Research Keywords:
Symbol, Evaluation, Labeling, Hydrography, Geographical Information System