Affiliated Researchers: Velocity Measurement

Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institute of Energy and the Environment.

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Justin Schwartz

Executive Vice President and Provost, The Pennsylvania State University
Top research keywords: Superconductor, Conductor, Conductors, Superconducting Materials, Tapes

Robert Voigt

Professor, Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Top research keywords: Foundry, Nodular Iron, Foundries, Cast Iron, Heat Treatment

Saya Lee

Assistant Professor in Nuclear Engineering, Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist Department of Nuclear Engineering
Top research keywords: Steam Generators, Boilers, Velocity Measurement, Particle Image Velocimetry, Debris

Julio Urbina

Professor, Electrical Engineering
Top research keywords: Radar, Meteor, Meteoroids, Radar Tracking, Meteor Trails

Tamy Guimarães

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top research keywords: Vortex Flow, Swirling Flow, Turbofan Engines, Velocity Measurement, Engines

Stephen Lynch

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top research keywords: Turbines, Heat Transfer, Cooling, Turbomachine Blades, Vortex Flow