Affiliated Researchers: Hunting

Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

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Rebecca Bliege Bird

Professor, Anthropology
Top research keywords: Hunting, Desert, Woman, Division Of Labor, Ecology

Kristina Douglass

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Top research keywords: Madagascar, Remote Sensing, Holocene, Carbon Radioisotopes, Archaeology

Tracy Langkilde

Verne M. Willaman Dean, Eberly College of Science
Top research keywords: Lizard, Lizards, Sceloporus Undulatus, Fire Ants, Ant

Duane Diefenbach

Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Top research keywords: Deer, Odocoileus Virginianus, Harvest, Lynx Rufus, Hunters