Affiliated Researchers: Human Resources Management

Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

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Denise Potosky

Professor, Management Division (Great Valley)
Top research keywords: Work Performance, Job Performance, Cognitive Ability, Personnel, Predictors

Emily Pakhtigian

Assistant Professor in School of Public Policy, School of Public Policy
Top research keywords: Nepal, River Basin, Hydropower, Plant Closure, Household

Caitlin Grady

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Top research keywords: Water, Food, Potable Water, Best Management Practice, Drinking Water

Lara Fowler

Senior Lecturer, Penn State Law (University Park)
Top research keywords: Water Resources Management, Behavioural Change, Neutral Third Party, Social Change, Warning System

Judd Michael

Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top research keywords: Wood, Human Resources, Personnel, Wood Products, Wood Product

Jonathan Duncan

Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top research keywords: Watershed, Catchment, Catchments, Hillslope, Nitrate

Forrest Briscoe

Professor, Management and Organization
Top research keywords: Firm, Workers, Political Ideology, Law Firms, Ideology

Weston Eaton

Assistant Research Professor, Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education
Top research keywords: Bioenergy, Stakeholder, Conceptual Framework, Energy, Expert

Xun Cao

Associate Professor, Political Science
Top research keywords: Air Pollution, Environmental Regulations, Incentive, Economic Policy, Democracy

Carolyn Mahan

Professor, Division of Mathematics & Natural Sciences (Altoona)
Top research keywords: Tamias Striatus, Flying Squirrels, Glaucomys Sabrinus, Nest, Glaucomys

Heather Preisendanz

Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top research keywords: Nutrients, Drug Products, Impurities, Runoff, Sediments