Characterizing Food-Energy-Water Systems in Ethiopia

This interdisciplinary project will examine development challenges in three agroecological zones of Ethiopia through the lens of integrated food-energy-water (FEW) systems. Leveraging existing relationships with partners in Ethiopia, we will conduct in-depth case studies of three Ethiopian communities. These case studies will describe the main components of the FEW systems in each location, understand the interactions between these components, and identify the links between FEW systems and development challenges (e.g., poverty, food insecurity) in the three study communities.

We propose to then synthesize the findings from these case studies to develop a conceptual model of FEW systems in Ethiopia, including the identification of specific component variables and their hypothesized interrelationships. This model will serve as a basis and proof of concept for a larger, externally funded research program on FEW systems in Ethiopia and elsewhere in East Africa. 


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