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Chiamaka is a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Anthropology, Penn State University. She received a BSc and an MSc in Archaeology from the University of Ibadan. Her areas of research interests include paleoecology, geoarchaeology, archaeobotany, settlement formation, ceramics, and Cultural resource management. Her previous research focused on human-environment interaction during the Holocene in southwest Nigeria. It investigated the impact of forest clearance for cultivation on the environment by the Late Stone Age occupation in the rainforest region of Nigeria and the strategies employed for crop management. She has participated in several archaeological projects at prominent archaeological sites in Nigeria, for example, the Old Oyo Empire, Benue valley, Ile-Ife, Sungbo-Eredo, and Iresi LSA site among others. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, seeing movies, playing volleyball, traveling, and adventures.

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