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Verne M. Willaman Dean, Eberly College of Science
Top Research Keywords:
Lizard, Lizards, Sceloporus Undulatus, Fire Ants, Ant
Professor, Penn State Altoona
Top Research Keywords:
Office Buildings, Timber, Zero Energy Buildings, Daylighting, Green Building
Research Associate, Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education
Top Research Keywords:
Human Resources, Supervisors, Supervisory Personnel, Personnel, Wood
Associate Professor in Architecture, Architecture
Top Research Keywords:
Life Cycle, Environmental Impact, Office Buildings, Eutrophication, Global Warming
Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top Research Keywords:
Landowners, Landowner, Sustainable Forestry, Economic Incentives, Agroforestry
Professor, Biology
Top Research Keywords:
Amazonia, Logging, Pasture, Ranching, Rain Forest
Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management
Top Research Keywords:
Harvest, Planning, Forest Management, Oak, Quercus