Affiliated Researchers: Shear Strength

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Chris Marone

Professor, Geosciences
Top research keywords: Slip, Fault Gouge, Earthquakes, Friction, Shear

Aly Said

Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering, Architectural Engineering
Top research keywords: Reinforced Concrete, Concretes, Polymer Concrete, Reinforcement, Fibers

Shunli Shang

Senior Scientist, Materials Science and Engineering
Top research keywords: Phonons, Phonon, Thermodynamics, Alloy, Density Functional Theory

Zi-Kui Liu

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Top research keywords: Thermodynamics, Alloy, Phonons, Thermodynamic Property, Thermodynamic Properties

Yvette Richardson

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Earth & Mineral Sciences
Top research keywords: Supercell, Tornado, Vorticity, Radar, Thunderstorm

Patrick J. Fox

John A. and Harriette K. Shaw Professor and Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Top research keywords: Geosynthetics, Consolidation, Soils, Clay, Clay Liner