Affiliated Researchers: Sedimentation

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Associate Professor, Geosciences
Top Research Keywords:
Avulsion, Stratigraphy, Paleocene, Sedimentation, Basin
Professor, Geosciences
Top Research Keywords:
Paleocene, Nanofossil, Eocene, Cretaceous, Nanoplankton
Associate Teaching Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Wind Turbines, Wind Power, Rotors, Condensers (liquefiers), Condenser Tubes
Associate Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Peatland, Methane, Peatlands, Settling Tanks, Animal Manures
Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor, Geography
Top Research Keywords:
Wetlands, Wetland, Headwater, Watershed, Mid-Atlantic Region
Senior Research Associate, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
Top Research Keywords:
Ocean Circulation, Global Ocean, Ocean, Oceans, Conveyors
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Turbulence, Isotropic Turbulence, Cylinder, Reynolds Number, Refractive Index