DART - MS with IonRocket

DART - MS with IonRocket

The Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART-MS) desorbs molecules from surfaces such as leaves, currency, polymers, and packaging materials, directly introducing them to the Orbitrap inlet. Minimal sample preparation is required for most analyses. 

Applications include:

  • Archaeology and Art History: Pigment, ink, paper characterization
  • Environmental: Hormones in aquatic environments; phthalate contamination; UV filters in rivers; organic aerosol analysis; pesticide residues on leaves
  • Food Science: Melamine adulteration in milk, flame retardants in fish, PVCs in packaging, reactive sulfur compounds in garlic breath
  • Forensics: Explosives residues in fingerprints, drugs on currency
  • Materials Science: Stabilizers in plastics, thiol metabolites, VOCs from microbes
  • Oil & Gas: Polar fractions of oil, insoluble residues