Keystone Events

The Institutes of Energy and Environment organizes and hosts a number of recurring events.

Past Event Highlights

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Participate in a series of four workshops on topics related to health and the built environment throughout the 2021–22 academic year. 
Why is transforming the energy infrastructure to renewables different from, or the same as, other global challenges such as addressing overpopulation, poverty, and sanitation?
How fast can the U.S. energy infrastructure decarbonize to 50% and then to 0%, and will planned infrastructure changes help to achieve a carbon-negative energy system? 
The Institutes of Energy and the Environment invites graduate students to apply for the 2021 Graduate Student Science Communication Workshop.
Learn about the new Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems (CIES) mission, meet the new CIES-focused faculty, and discuss technical and social challenges related to our rapidly changing energy infrastructure while providing fair and equitable solutions for a global community.
The webinar provides information about the Institutes of Energy and the Environment's 2021–22 Seed Grant Program.