PAWS Water Cooler Series

Date and Time
327 Sackett Building
Gabe Lara

The Water Cooler Series is a monthly event for the water student community planned to bring the community together and share interesting research/ideas/plans with peers from different disciplines and backgrounds. The informal setup for the “Water Cooler Series”  will provide students a platform to discuss brewing ideas about water-related research and get help/support from the peer group. The presentation need not be research focused. If you have some interesting field anecdotes or stories to share, this is the forum for you! 

The discussion sessions shall be followed by networking/happy hour to build a community of like-minded water researchers. The discussion session will follow a relaxed and open-ended format. The series is presented by the Penn State Association of Water Students.


  • “Water in Developmental Policies”
    • Emily Pakhtigian, Assistant Professor of Public Policy
  • “Flood Risk in Redlined Communities”
    • Gabe Lara, Graduate Student, Energy, Environment & Food Economics

Happy Hour/Networking:

  • Date: December 1st, 6pm-7:30pm ET
  • Location: McLanahan’s

The January Water Cooler will be on January 19th due to the start of the semester. Other spring dates will be February 2nd, March 2nd, and April 6th.

If you are interested in being a “Water Cooler” presenter and sharing your work? Please contact Praharsh Patel (