Living Filter & Water Reclamation Facility Tour

This tour would include two main parts: (i) tour of the Living Filter spray-irrigation sites; and (ii) tour of the Water Reclamation Facility. Penn State currently produces Class B wastewater reuse at its Water Reclamation Facility that is pumped and spray-irrigated at 600 acres of mixed-use fields, known as the Living Filter. These activities have been ongoing since the 1980’s and provide an opportunity to conduct research at a site with a long history of wastewater irrigation. On the tour, you would see the spray-irrigation facilities, learn about existing and previous monitoring and research efforts, and learn about the land management decisions regarding operation of the facilities and crops grown in the agricultural parts of the site. The intention is that this would spark new research ideas and continue to leverage the site as a “living laboratory”. Additionally, the tour would include forested portions of the site that receive spray-irrigation, including some of the vernal pools located across the site.  
The second part of the tour would be at the Water Reclamation Facility itself, which is currently undergoing upgrades that are starting to near completion. When complete, the facility will produce Class A wastewater reuse. The tour will include the current treatment technologies, including new screening and grit removal (pre-treatment), updated activated sludge, and new membrane bioreactor systems. Clean water testing is scheduled for later this fall. 

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Gretta Tritch Roman, gst118@psu.eduno later than Monday, November 28