Carbon: From Fuels to Materials Symposium

Date and Time
Oct 29: Conference Room, New James Building; Oct 30: 114 Steidle Building

Details regarding registration, logistics, and schedule are currently being finalized. Please check back often for more details.

Distinguished alumni and accomplished researchers in the field of carbon materials will interpret the past, assess the present and anticipate the future of arguably the most diverse and flexible family of materials known to humankind. The two-day symposium consists of five sessions, each with five or six 30-minute lectures. A poster session showcasing current graduate and undergraduate students' research will conclude the symposium.

The symposium is being presented as part of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences 125th Anniversary celebration. Learn more about the 125th Anniversary >>

Session 1: Preparation and properties 

  • Mike Chung; Topic: Carbon fiber precursors
  • Linda Jones; Topic: Boron-doped carbons
  • Rodney Taylor: Topic: Carbon blacks
  • Adri van Duin; Topic: Predicting carbon formation pathways
  • Hai Wang; Topic: Flame-formed carbon nanoparticles

Session 2: Applications (1)

  • Charles Bakis; Topic: Applications of C-fibers in composites
  • Carlos Leon y Leon; Topic: TBD
  • Tim Golden; Topic: Gas separation/storage
  • Maud Rao; Topic: Carbon membranes

Session 3: Applications (2)

  • David Mazyck; Topic: Water treatment
  • Ram Rajagopalan; Topic: Energy storage
  • Semih Eser; Topic: Carbonaceous mesophase and steel making/recycling
  • Ljubisa Radovic; Topic: Carbon active sites: from reactivity and catalysis to electrocatalysis

Session 4: Novel materials

  • Mauricio Terrones; Topic: TBD
  • Jiaxing Huang; Topic: Graphene oxide
  • Michael Strano; Topic: Graphene and 2D materials