Towards Sustainable and Equitable Household Water Security: Lessons from Bangladesh

water pump in Bangladesh
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April 2021
A research team is studying how environmental conditions in Bangladesh affect household water security and whether information about environmental health risks can help alleviate water insecurity.

Bangladesh faces the confluence of challenges associated with water access, health, and climate change. We propose an integrated hydrological and economic approach to examine how environmental conditions affect household water security and whether environmental risk information dissemination alleviates water insecurity in Bangladesh. For the environmental conditions and risks, we will focus on extreme weather and hydrological events, including inland and coastal floods, droughts, rainfall variability, and heat waves. Our proposed research involves five tasks: (1) assess how seasonality impacts household water security, based on a systematic review; (2) identify and characterize extreme weather and hydrological events across Bangladesh based on remote sensing and reanalysis data; (3) determine the relationship between environmental conditions and household water security; (4) test how household water security experiences vary according to geographical and socioeconomic characteristics; and (5) evaluate how information about environmental health risks decreases uncertainty associated with household water insecurity using a rural case study.


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