Decentralized Control of Modular Multi-Level Converters in Photovoltaic Systems

Solar panels are shown close up
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April 2018
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Renewable energy resources (e.g. solar or wind) provide economic and environmental benefits for energy generation systems and are the best alternatives to conquer global warming issues. The goal of this project is to incorporate the novel application of Modular Multi-level Converters (MMC) to solar photovoltaic modules with energy storage devices to increase the efficiency, reliability, and value of the overall system. The new converter configuration achieves these objectives by enabling sub-module maximum power point tracking, integrated energy storage, and small transformers to reduce the voltage rating of the system. The performance of the proposed technology will be tested first through simulation, and then verified through a laboratory-scale experiment. 


Javad Khazaei

Javad Khazaei
Former Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State Harrisburg

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