A Data Science Approach for Scaling Synergistic, “One-Touch” Building Retrofit Solutions

An aerial view of houses lining streets
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April 2022
A research team is supporting just and inclusive energy transitions in low-income housing by informing policymakers on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve health.

The proposed research contributes to President Biden’s agenda for a just and inclusive clean energy transition through exploring opportunities for synergetic, “one-touch” building retrofit solutions. These can be used to address the intersecting energy burden and poor health outcome challenges of old, poorly performing low-income housing units based on a use case of Pennsylvania. Many of these units utilize wood frame construction techniques. The proposed approach will generate new evidence that can inform policymakers on strategies through which reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with building use can be achieved at scale while also unlocking co-benefits such as improved health outcomes. Achieving these targets at scale will also result in increased jobs in the clean energy sector.


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