Ivy Asuo

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Ivy Mawusi Asuo is a scientist with years of research experience in materials science, photovoltaics, energy and scientific project management. She worked as a scientific researcher and lead Materials Scientist in quite a few companies and research institutes such as INRS-EMT, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies-GmbH, LOWDO-AMP, and Grenoble Institute of Technology. Specifically, her work at AMP has led to establishing a local fabrication laboratory for urban mining of electronic waste in Ghana, where she also composed manuals for plastic recycling and dismantling of electrical & electronic appliances. She is engaged in mentorship and positive influence through a co-founded platform, DAMINY EduNergy Ltd, focusing on leadership, education, science, and research. The objective is to model future minds and young scholars of her mother continent.

Prior to joining MatSE at Pennsylvania State University, Ivy worked with a team of scientist in a spin-off start-up from her PhD research, WattByWatt Inc. Canada, and developed materials for energy saving and conversion for outdoor and indoor device applications. She obtained a PhD in Energy and Materials Science from the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS-EMT), Canada.