Hlengilizwe Nyoni

Assistant Research Professor, Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories

Hlengilizwe Nyoni oversees and is the lead researcher in the Environmental Contaminants Analytical Laboratory.

He is an expert analytical chemist with a unique ability to interpret and understand the rationale behind models, theories, and principles of diverse mass spectroscopy techniques. Hlengilizwe has a deep knowledge in vast analytical techniques including high resolution mass spectrometer (UHPLC-Orbitrap) and tandem mass spectrometer (GC-QQQ) amongst others. 

Research Interests

  • Development of sampling techniques and analytical methods for assessment of priority and emerging inorganic and organic contaminants in aquatic environment, 
  • Monitoring programs and interlaboratory exercises with a special focus on passive sampling techniques in the aquatic environment.

Field(s) of Specialization

  • LC and GC HRMS Instrumental techniques
  • Environmental Analytical Chemistry
  • Passive sampling techniques

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