Affiliated Researchers: Vortices

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Azar Eslam Panah

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Division of Engineering, Business & Computing (Berks)
Top research keywords: Vortex Flow, Vorticity, Airfoils, Leading Edges, Vortices

Ali Borhan

Professor, Chemical Engineering
Top research keywords: Drop, Surface Active Agents, Fluids, Flow, Bubble

Stephen Lynch

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top research keywords: Turbines, Heat Transfer, Cooling, Turbomachine Blades, Vortex Flow

Tamy Guimarães

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top research keywords: Vortex Flow, Swirling Flow, Turbofan Engines, Velocity Measurement, Engines

Brian Maicke

Associate Professor, School of Science, Engineering & Technology (Harrisburg)
Top research keywords: Mach Number, Vortex Flow, Rocket Engines, Rocket Nozzles, Nozzles

Pengfei Zhang

Assistant Research Professor, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Top research keywords: Anticyclones, Monsoons, Sea Ice, Summer, Anticyclone