Research to Action: Science and Solutions for a Planet Under Pressure

Date and Time

The NCSE Drawdown 2021 Conference will feature everything our community values from past NCSE Annual Conferences with the addition of an exciting new collaboration with Project Drawdown. Given the staggering pace of change in the world today, combining the NCSE 2021 Annual Conference and the 2nd Global Drawdown—Research to Action Conference will exponentially amplify opportunities for collaboration and progress.  The overarching theme of our joint conference will be Research to Action: Science and Solutions for a Planet Under Pressure. The first half (January 5–7) will be facilitated by NCSE and will focus on the physical and social realities of climate change and the way this impacts people, ecosystems, markets, and the places people live. The latter half (January 7–9) will be facilitated by Project Drawdown with an objective to share the latest knowledge on climate solutions, and their effective communication and implementation to bring research to action. Learn more about the conference vision.