Household Carbon Reduction

Date and Time
Jon Kautz

Household Carbon Reduction, Part 2 – Building Sciences Connection (Thursday, November 10) — Webinar will feature Jon Kautz, member of the PA Housing Industry Advisory Council and representative of PA Energy Smart, as he discusses the science behind energy use and savings in the home environment. Specific topics will include building envelope systems with considerations to air infiltration, insulation, and other components.

Join the Governor’s GreenGov Council and Penn State’s Sustainability Institute for the fourth edition of its monthly GreenGov Webinar series, which aims to educate about the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how we can advance them in both our personal and professional lives. The series draws together experts about a broad range of sustainability topics as they pertain to Pennsylvania and provides attendees an opportunity to ask questions.

All events are online, free, and open to all.