Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems Discussion Series: Why is Transforming the Energy Infrastructure to Renewables the Same as or Different from other Global Challenges?

Date and Time

Why is transforming the energy infrastructure to renewables different from, or the same as, other global challenges such as addressing overpopulation, poverty, and sanitation?

  • The industrial age developed on fossil fuels over a period of more than 100 years. Is it realistic to think we can transform that energy infrastructure in only 10 to 20 years?
  • Other grand challenges, such as alleviating poverty or providing sanitation to the world’s population, have not succeeded over a longer period of many decades.
  • Therefore, is solving the energy-climate nexus different or the same as addressing other needed global changes?

Learn about the new Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems (CIES) mission, meet the new CIES-focused faculty, and discuss technical and social challenges related to our rapidly changing energy infrastructure while providing fair and equitable solutions for a global community. Each online hour-long session will start with a 10-minute presentation followed by an open-format discussion to gather insight into challenges and opportunities for creating change in our energy infrastructure.