Cancer & the Environment: Opportunities for Collaboration at Penn State

Date and Time

Environmental factors impact health, including air and water pollution, pesticides/herbicides, and other dynamics. In addition, such impacts are often compounded by environmental justice concerns, as has been emphasized further by COVID-19 disproportionate impact on minority communities. Because Penn State has numerous researchers working on both cancer and the environment, this session will be a chance to share research and discuss potential opportunities for collaboration in this space.  


  • Wednesday, March 31st, 10 AM-12:00 PM Eastern 

Draft Agenda:  

10 AM Welcome, purpose of session 

  • Ray Hohl, Penn State Cancer Institute 

  • Tom Richard, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment 

~10:10 AM Overview of the Penn State Cancer Institute  


~10:30 AM Brief presentations from the environmental perspective 

  • Ken Davis: air pollution

  • Heather Preisendanz: contaminants of emerging concern  

  • Sue Brantley: water pollution and potential concerns re: hydraulic fracturing 

  • Nat Warner/Bill Burgos: water pollution, chemical interactions 

11:00 AM Q&A, discussion, opportunities  

  • Data needs/opportunities  

  • Potential collaborations?  

  • Environmental justice issues?  

  • Policy needs/opportunities? 

11:45 AM Summary, potential next steps 

Noon End