Biorenewable Multifunctional Composites for Structural/Dielectric Applications

Capacitors sitting on a blue printed circuit board
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March 2023
Research Themes
This project is developing a bio-based dielectric composite from epoxidized soybean oil, epoxy resin, and ceramic nanofillers for potential applications in dielectric storage energy devices.

The growing interest in replacing petroleum-based products with inexpensive, renewable, natural materials is important for sustainable development into the future and will have a significant impact on the polymer industry and the environment. In addition, the rapid development and a large number of modern electronic devices and power systems required reliable, compact, and efficient energy storage devices. In this proposal, epoxidized soybean oil blended with epoxy resin will be used with surface-modified and functionalized ceramic nanofillers (e.g.; barium titanate and calcium copper titanate) to produce a novel bio-based dielectric composite for potential applications in dielectric storage energy devices, such as dielectric capacitors. The epoxidized soybean oil can significantly improve the toughness and dielectric permittivity of the epoxy resin. In addition, the epoxidized soybean oil is miscible with epoxy resin over the entire range of composition and can simultaneously polymerize at the same temperature range using a novel imidazole-type curing agent to form interpenetrating three-dimensional polymer network with outstanding mechanical and dielectric properties.


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