Zeiss Versa 620

Zeiss Versa 620

The Versa 620 offers capabilities that extend the limits of micro-nano-CT solutions.  

Capabilities include:

  • Non-destructive sub-micron scale microscopy of intact samples

  • Higher flux and faster scans without compromising resolution

  • True spatial resolution of 500 nm with a minimum achievable voxel size of 40nm

  • High resolution across a broad range of sample types, sizes, and working distances

  • In-situ imaging for non-destructive characterization of microstructures in controlled environments and over time

  • Throughput with image quality

The Zeiss Xradia 620 Versa Micro/NanoCT specializes in ultra-high resolution 3D data visualization. With objectives ranging from .4x to 40x, this system is capable of producing high-quality scans ranging from 300nm up to 30um resolution. The X-ray source powers up to 160 kV and 25 W to allow for a range of sample types, including biologics, low-density metals, polymers, and more. Most samples designated for this machine are sized to fit in a coffee straw; however, the scanner can accommodate larger samples as well. CQI staff will work closely with clients to develop best mounting practices for their samples.

The Zeiss Versa 620 is equipped with a Deben CT5000 TEC 5kN in-situ loadcell tensile stage. This allows for in-situ experiments and can provide tensile and compression testing with forces up to 20kN and resolutions down to 25mN. Motor speeds range from 0.1mm/min to 1.0mm/min. The Deben is also equipped with heated and cooled jaws to allow temperature control ranging from –20°C to 160°C. These features allow for a range of compression and tensile testing under different load conditions while collecting visual images of the changing material properties.