What is the CIES and How Will it Help Penn State and Researchers Address the Energy-Climate-People Nexus?

Date and Time
  • Energy solutions are complex, and they need to be formulated within the context of addressing carbon emissions and climate change.
  • What is Penn State hoping to achieve by forming the Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems (CIES)?
  • Who are the new consortium faculty that will be helping to fulfill the CIES vision and what new collaborations or research directions might be possible?


Learn about the new Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems (CIES) mission, meet the new CIES-focused faculty, and discuss technical and social challenges related to our rapidly changing energy infrastructure while providing fair and equitable solutions for a global community.


Each online hour-long session will start with a 10-minute presentation followed by an open-format discussion to gather insight into challenges and opportunities for creating change in our energy infrastructure.


To identify different energy solutions and recognize the speed at which these changes are needed to address climate change and social inequities.