Finding a Connection between the Brain and Behavior: Contrast Enhanced X-ray Micro-CT as a Tool for Investigating Neural Plasticity in Zebrafish

Date and Time
Cairsty DePasquale

Cairsty DePasquale's, associate professor of biology at Penn State Altoona, research focuses on understanding the roles the environment and physical activity play in mediating the connection between the brain and behavior in fish, primarily using zebrafish as a model organism. She is interested in understanding the impact of physical activity and the environment on fish behavior and the brain from an applied biomedical perspective, but also from an ecological multilevel perspective, spanning cellular and molecular organization to whole organism through to communities. Advancements in contrast enhancement of soft tissue for visualization using micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) have provided a novel and exciting alternative to view high-resolution structural information of the zebrafish brain.

This webinar is part of the Energy and the Environment Sustainability Laboratories' 2021 Seminar Series