Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems Discussion Series: How Fast can the U.S. Energy Infrastructure Decarbonize?

Date and Time

How fast can the U.S. energy infrastructure decarbonize to 50% and then to 0%, and will planned infrastructure changes help to achieve a carbon-negative energy system? 

  • Our existing path in growth of electricity is currently focused on building renewable energy-based electrical power plants as well as transitioning from coal to natural gas.
  • Is this large investment in natural gas power plants that will operate for decades necessary?
  • What are the implications of a continued dependence on natural gas in terms of overall greenhouse gas emissions? Are there other choices for the next 10 years?
  • How does our capacity for energy storage impact our energy transition?

Learn about the new Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems (CIES) mission, meet the new CIES-focused faculty, and discuss technical and social challenges related to our rapidly changing energy infrastructure while providing fair and equitable solutions for a global community. Each online hour-long session will start with a 10-minute presentation followed by an open-format discussion to gather insight into challenges and opportunities for creating change in our energy infrastructure.