Herschel Pangborn

Dr. Herschel C. Pangborn is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University and the Principal Investigator of the Pangborn Advanced Controls Lab. His research focuses on the dynamic modeling, design, and control of vehicle and building electro-thermal energy systems.

Feifei Shi

Shi’s work lies at the intersection of surface chemistry, material science, and mechanical engineering, with emphasis on integrated energy systems. Her work involves innovations in conversion, storage, transport and consumption systems, including batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. Shi's work benefits electrical vehicles, portable electronics, and large-scale energy storage for buildings.

Hilal Ezgi Toraman

Dr. Hilal Ezgi Toraman, Virginia S. and Philip L. Walker Jr. Faculty Fellow is an Assistant Professor of Energy Engineering and Chemical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Toraman’s research is in the field of chemical reaction engineering with a focus on developing new processes, materials, and technologies for efficient and sustainable use of energy resources such as shale gas, biomass and plastic waste. Prior to joining the Penn State faculty, Dr. Toraman served as a postdoctoral researcher with the Delaware Energy Institute at the University of Delaware.

Stephen Mainzer

Stephen Mainzer is a designer, educator, and researcher whose work engages a socio-ecological systems approach to exploring decision dynamics of coupled human and natural environments. He studies ways in which the biophysical landscape – urban form, physiography, and ecology – intersect with the behaviors of individuals and communities toward energy use, conservation, planning, and pro-environmental voting actions. His methods build upon six years of professional practice and a transdisciplinary Ph.D.

Research explores safer fuel for nuclear reactors

Nuclear power is an important energy source in the U.S. and around the world and its use is seen by proponents as essential to reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels. However, many people feel the risk of nuclear accidents does not outweigh the benefits associated with nuclear energy.