Hong Wu

Hong Wu joined the Department of Landscape Architecture in 2016 as the Stuckeman Career Development Assistant Professor. Academically trained in architecture (B.Arch.) and landscape architecture (M.L.A. and Ph.D.), Hong’s research passion lies in an important and timely set of topics across different spatial scales.

NYC risks future flooding during hurricanes

Whether or not a coastal city floods during a hurricane depends on the storm, tide and sea level, and now a team of climate scientists show that the risk of New York City flooding has increased dramatically during the industrial era as a result of human-caused climate change.

"We wanted to look at the impact of climate change on sea level and storm characteristics to see how that has affected the storm surge on the Atlantic coast, specifically in New York City," said Andra Reed, graduate student in meteorology, Penn State. "Hurricane Sandy was the motivating factor."

Zuleima Karpyn

Zuleima Karpyn is a professor and Quentin and Louise Wood Endowed Faculty Fellow in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. Dr. Karpyn specializes on multiphase flow and transport in porous media, and X-ray computed tomography. Areas of application include unconventional resource characterization, reservoir engineering, environmental remediation and carbon sequestration. She holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Universidad Central de Venezuela, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in petroleum and natural gas engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. Dr.