IEE uses a proposal management system called InfoReady Review to manage the seed grant's review process. This allows for more efficient management and allows the Research Institutes to run other funding competitions. If you haven't used the InfoReady system previously, please read the information below prior to following the pre-proposal submission link

Submit Pre-Proposal

InfoReady Quick Start Guide for Applying to Opportunities

  1. Go to and log in to the site using the link in the upper right of the page then click the button for Penn State Login.
  2. Click on the title of the opportunity from the list on the home page
  3. On the details page, click the “My Application” button to the right to start or resume the application.
    NOTE: If someone will be submitting the proposal for you (i.e., your college research administrative staff) you must add them as a Proxy in your user profile prior to submission.  See the instructions below.
  4. Complete the application forms and upload the documents required by the Call for Proposals.  The application is saved as you go.  You will be prompted to resume the next time you log in.
  5. When completed click “Submit Application.”  You will receive confirmation when the submitted application has been received.

Adding PSU employees as proxy

In order for another PSU employee to submit an application on your behalf you need to set them as a Proxy.

  1. Click your name in the upper right of the infoReady window when you are logged in.
  2. Complete profile information (Optional)
  3. Go to the section of the profile titled Designate an Applicant Proxy click the “Add Proxy” button.
  4. Enter your designates PSU email address in the form [AccessID] (i.e.  You must use the Access ID form of the email for the permissions to be granted.  Do not use an email alias.
  5. Click Add, then click “Save Changes.” An email will be sent to the person designated as a proxy.

Your proxy will log in to the system and follow the Application steps listed above.  They will list you as the Applicant.

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