Randy Vander Wal

My research career began in physical chemistry, studying quantum-state resolved, molecular photodissociation dynamics. In post-doctoral work, my research expanded into linear and non-linear laser-based optical diagnostic development and then broadened at NASA-Glenn to include the synthesis, characterization and applications of organic and inorganic nanomaterials. Presently, I would characterize myself as a research chemist with keen interests in realizing applications for nanomaterials.

Jonathan Mathews

Dr. Jonathan Mathews is a coal scientist and an ACS fellow. His research interests address the relationship between coal structure and behavior spanning all ranks and nearly all aspects of coal use. He is well known for the creation and use of atomistic representations of coal and char but also employs advanced analytical techniques to inform and constrain the models. It is capturing the structural diversity, in a meaningful way, that has aided improving the rationalization of behavior. He is active in coalbed methane research along with CO2 sequestraion in coal.

Erica Smithwick

I work at the interface of landscape and ecosystem ecology, focusing on the influence of spatial patterns on ecosystem function. I explore how fire patterns (e.g., “pyrogeography”) influence soil biogeochemistry and carbon storage. In the face of increasing concern about fire in human-dominated landscapes, the understanding of the causes and ecological consequences of fire is critical to local and landscape level management. As such, my research is relevant to landscape-level conservation management as well as global change biology.

Chunshan Song

Dr. Chunshan Song is the Director of the EMS Energy Institute, a Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science in the John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering and a Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering (courtesy) at The Pennsylvania State University. He also serves as Associate Director of Penn State Institutes of the Energy and Environment.