Affiliated Researchers: Model Validation

Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

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Research Assistant, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Biomass, Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Model Validation, Ethanol, Soil Solarization
Professor, Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist Department of Nuclear Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Zirconium Alloys, Zircaloy, Zirconium Alloy, Hydrides, Cladding
Associate Professor, Plant Science
Top Research Keywords:
Roofs, Roof, Green Roofs, Stormwater, Runoff
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Top Research Keywords:
Temperature Control, Hot Temperature, Vapors, Thermal Management, Fluid Power
Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture
Top Research Keywords:
Wetlands, Wetland, Hydrology, Floodplains, Mitigation
Associate Professor, John and Willie Leone Department of Energy & Mineral Engineering (EME)
Top Research Keywords:
3-xylene, Acoustics, Tetrachloroethylene, Air, Ventilation
Professor, Geography
Top Research Keywords:
General Circulation Model, Sea Ice, Downscaling, Climate, Self Organizing Map