Affiliated Researchers: Free Radical

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Zachary Bitzer

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences
Top research keywords: Tobacco Products, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Free Radicals, Smoke, Free Radical

Christian Pester

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
Top research keywords: Brushes, Polymer Brush, Block Copolymers, Polymers, Polymerization

David Miller

Assistant Research Professor, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Top research keywords: Optical Radar, Isoprene, Oxidation, Hydroxyl Radical, Ozone

Alexander Thames

Ph.D. Candidate, Geosciences and Climate Science
Top research keywords: Dimethyl Sulfide, Troposphere, Tomography, Atmosphere, Hydroxyl Radical

Yuefeng Xie

Professor, School of Science, Engineering & Technology (Harrisburg)
Top research keywords: Disinfection, Haloacetic Acid, Byproducts, Byproduct, Potable Water

Sandeep Prabhu

Department Head and Professor, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Top research keywords: Selenium, Selenoproteins, Macrophages, Inositol Oxygenase, Inflammation