The Institutes of Energy and the Environment is one of the interdisciplinary research institutes organized under the Office of the Vice President for Research. We not only work across colleges and departments at Penn State to help researchers in multiple disciplines collaborate together but across other institutes as well.

The Units We Support

IEE is the organizational home to two interdisciplinary research institutes, both of which are also located physically in the Land and Water Research Building on the University Park Campus.

IEE, along with the colleges and research institutes named below, supports institutes and centers that are working in our primary research themes. 

These groups are administratively organized under both IEE and a college and supported by IEE: 

IEE collaborates with and supports: 

There are also a number of organizations, institutes, centers and departments across the Penn State Campus that IEE regular collaborates with on projects or events - some of these are also located in the Land and Water Research Building on the University Park Campus. Our collaborators in the Land and Water Research Building include the Sustainability Institute and PASDA.

IEE manages and maintains both the Land and Water Research Building and the Energy and the Environment Laboratory (EEL). EEL is home to BEST. Other research includes work on the interaction of carbon with the environment, including CO2, carbon soot, carbon materials and the use of carbon to explore human Impacts ranging from ancient societies to modern climate change.