Center for Security Research and Education Fall 2021 Grant Program

Penn State’s Center for Security Research and Education (CSRE) offers grants to support interdisciplinary research and education addressing threats to human security, public safety, and democratic institutions from any source.

Any full-time Penn State faculty member (as defined by Penn State Academic Policy AC21) and full-time Penn State research and engineering staff members (see Penn State Human Resources, Research and Engineering for a non-exclusive list of job titles) may submit proposals as a Principal Investigator (PI).

  • Proposals relating to the protection of food and water supplies from cyberattacks at all stages of the production and distribution process; food or water supply contamination or disruption, including accidental or intentional food contamination, as well as a natural or human attack on a food transportation or energy source; disease and pests, resulting from exposure during international or national movement through the supply chain or from the harmful effects of severe weather coupled with global climate change. Proposals that include international scope and partnerships are encouraged. These topic areas are directly relevant to the mission of the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science (SAFES).
  • Proposals that address challenges to energy infrastructure and security, such as those relating to protection of energy transmission and delivery grids (e.g., nuclear energy, pipelines and power grids) including cyber and physical security threats; natural disasters and extreme weather conditions; workforce capability (“aging workforce”) and human errors; aging infrastructure; changes in fuel supply; the changing geopolitics of energy; and improving the security of an increasingly distributed electric power system (e.g. micro-grids).

Internal Submission Deadline: Thursday, September 30, 2021