IEE–RISE 2022 Climate Seed Grant Program

Proposals may support new or existing research programs that seek to: increase research discovery, impact, or creative scholarship; grow faculty expertise in data and advanced computing; or overcome hurdles in implementing such programs. Projects may utilize the expertise in RISE in data management platform creation, computing, programming, data visualization, and data exploration. Proposals that advance interdisciplinary research, including content for new proposals, are especially welcomed.

It is estimated that most awardees will receive 100-300 hours of RISE consulting time.

Deadline: Friday, August 5, 2022, at 5:00 pm

News story: Institutes partner on seed grants to promote computational climate research

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IEE RISE 2022 Climate Seed Grant Program

Our goal for this program is to build the computational and data science support that is necessary to undertake research projects that make climate-related data and data products more available and relevant to the research communities that are carrying out this important work. Through these projects, we hope to promote interdisciplinary research that uses climate science data in innovative and applied ways, from discovery to decisions to impact.